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Ticket Summary
#1887 Convenience functions in FMU import library
#1944 Build system for FMILibrary
#2012 FMI Library Features development
#2804 Support Jacobian column compression in FMI 2.0

Active tickets for the component

Milestone: FMIL-2.0.3 (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner
#4087 Umbrella: Extend FMIL Examples to gain export capability Iakov Nakhimovski
#4198 ExampleBouncingBall ME creates chattering with Dassl Iakov Nakhimovski
#4203 FMU Build should add tool and date stamp to xml Iakov Nakhimovski
#4267 Build sprocess should be extended to create multi-platform FMUs Iakov Nakhimovski
#4477 Retrieving tolerance from FMIL Iakov Nakhimovski
#4730 FMIL test fails due to CMake compare_files command efredriksson
#5277 Improve portability of FMILs snprintf efredriksson
#5360 FMIL build system fmi_platform logic should be own function efredriksson
#5464 Give error for deprecated CS 1.0 capability flag Iakov Nakhimovski
#5467 Check consistent start values in alias sets efredriksson
#5499 Prepare for release 2.0.3 Iakov Nakhimovski

Milestone: Future (20 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner
#1745 Implement a modelica wrapper package for the FMI C interface baandersson
#1870 The zip functionality does not relay on custom malloc/calloc functions baandersson
#1887 Convenience functions in FMU import library Iakov Nakhimovski
#1888 Get variable value by name Iakov Nakhimovski
#1929 Add a function to collect additional model information by attribute Iakov Nakhimovski
#1944 Build system for FMILibrary Iakov Nakhimovski
#2011 Cross-compiling 32-bit on 64-bit sytems Iakov Nakhimovski
#2012 FMI Library Features development Iakov Nakhimovski
#2022 Log all errors/warnings Iakov Nakhimovski
#2046 Error reporting from minizip Iakov Nakhimovski
#2048 Support for temporary directory creation Iakov Nakhimovski
#2051 Improve MAC support Iakov Nakhimovski
#2284 Support file names & path with international chars on Windows Iakov Nakhimovski
#2305 Add tests for FMU state get/set and serialization Iakov Nakhimovski
#2583 Handle loading of delay loaded DLLs Iakov Nakhimovski
#2751 Create .deb and .rpm packages for FMIL Iakov Nakhimovski
#2803 Add checking that all parameters and inputs has start value defined Iakov Nakhimovski
#2815 XML data parser handle removes all "\n" Iakov Nakhimovski
#3700 FMIL segfaults in log forwarding hlarsson
#4855 Add checking that variable names has the right syntax in FMIL/xml parsing Iakov Nakhimovski

Milestone: Pending (17 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner
#2274 Add function for creating a default fmuLocation value Iakov Nakhimovski
#2704 FMIL: Change implementation of registerglobally to avoid memory alloc/free Iakov Nakhimovski
#2792 Upload FMI Library generated FMUs to FMI group repository Iakov Nakhimovski
#2804 Support Jacobian column compression in FMI 2.0 Iakov Nakhimovski
#2805 Analyse coloring code for Jac column compression Iakov Nakhimovski
#2821 Add the FMI Library test FMUs to the FMU cross checking test suite efredriksson
#2823 Merge the content of FMILibraryUtilities to the FMILibrary source tree Iakov Nakhimovski
#2846 Calling FMI methods with a NULL component segfaults Iakov Nakhimovski
#2880 Bouncingball CS model does not update event correctly Iakov Nakhimovski
#2885 Expose jm_get_system_temp_dir Iakov Nakhimovski
#3306 Make sure that FMIL FMI2 test FMUs are FMI2.0rc1 compliant hlarsson
#3307 Fail on more errors in FMIL hlarsson
#3308 Make FMIL build fail on compiler warnings hlarsson
#3309 Update and reinstate outdated tests in FMIL hlarsson
#3310 Check FMIL for memory leaks when detecting errors in XML hlarsson
#3551 Make FMIL not try to link libdl on BSD Iakov Nakhimovski
#3665 Update fmi1_import_get_direct_dependency to return all dependent input variables if DirecteDependency element is missing hlarsson

Milestone: None (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner
#5435 Verify that all state derivatives have the derivative attribute Iakov Nakhimovski
#5532 The error messages when loading FMU binary should be platform independent Iakov Nakhimovski
#5609 Unnecessary assert in 2.0 variable parsing hlarsson
#4615 Documentation inconsistent with behaviour of fmi_import_allocate_context Iakov Nakhimovski
#4857 Add checking that variable names follow the variable naming conventions Iakov Nakhimovski

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