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Discrete fixed=true with event generating binding expression causes problems

Reported by: jsten Owned by: Jesper Mattsson
Priority: major Milestone: 2.0.x
Component: Modelica/MiddleEnd Version: trunk
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The following model:

model A
    Integer i(start=2,fixed=true) = integer(time);
end A;

Fails with the following error:

Error in flattened model:
  The initialization system is structurally singular. The following equation(s) could not be matched to any variable:
    pre(i) = 2

The problem is that we will extract the binding expression, integer(time), to a temporary variable and insert the initial equation pre(temp_1) = 0;
temp_1 is then alias eliminated with i and the initial equation is rewritten to pre(i) = 0.
However since the variable is discrete, has a start value and declared as fixed=true, then we introduce the initial equation pre(i) = 2 which causes the system to be unbalanced.
The problem here is that the expression is extracted and causes an alias equation. A possible solution is to not insert the pre(temp) initial equation and instead relying on the matchings and BLT of the initial system to insert the correct initial equation as needed?

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comment:1 Changed 4 years ago by Jesper Mattsson

Another possibility is to remove the initial equation during alias elimination.

This should be equivalent to:

model B
    Integer i(start=2, fixed=true);
    Integer i2;
    i = i2;
    i2 = integer(time);
end B;

It is also unclear what the meaning of the model (i.e. A) is - isn't the equation for i valid in the initialization system? Then it is inconsistently overdetermined (both i=0 & i=2).

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