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Jacobian support

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This is a collection of all the tickets that are related to Jacobian generating and CAD.


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Ticket Summary Owner Milestone
#1319 Bug in generation of sparsity indices jsten 1.12.x
#1367 Add support for p_opt in the AD code generation jsten Future
#1368 Add support for time in the CAD code generation jsten 1.12.x
#1369 Cache result from seeding algorithms for different values of independent_vars in the CAD codegen petter 1.12.x
#1466 Add AD support for internal modelica functions. jsten
#1475 Add support to use automatic differentiation for ODEs jsten
#1488 Error in CAD tests petter Never
#1539 Seg fault in CAD code petter
#1689 Error in Jacobian generation jsten 1.10.x
#2093 CAD support for derivative annoations. jsten
#2101 Use finite differences to compute Jacobians for models with external function calls jsten Future
#2103 CAD support for iteration of mixed equation blocks jsten Future
#2105 CAD support for discrete arguments in function calls jsten
#2123 Simplification and performance improvements of ODE Jacobian computations jsten Future
#2135 CAD support for when equation blocks jsten Never
#2136 Consistent indentation in compiled CAD code. jsten 1.12.x
#2137 Issue with if-expressions inside functions for CAD
#2299 CAD support for records jsten 1.10.x
#2300 CAD support for arrays jsten 1.10.x
#2354 Jacobian test causes segfault Fredrik Magnusson Never
#2417 .Test_FMI_Jaobians_Miscellaneous.test_Record1 fails on Windows jsten Pending
#2485 Error with Ifcases and Jacobians Christian Andersson Never
#2579 Residual array fail during block Jacobian generation jsten 1.10.x
#2631 Literal in function call and jacobians causes c-code error jsten 1.10.x
#2632 If Statements are unsupported by CAD jsten 1.10.x
#2633 If expressions in functions generate incorrect code with CAD jsten 1.10.x
#2634 Non-literal arraysubscripts fail in functions fail with CAD jsten 1.10.x
#2670 Unsupported FExps in CAD jsten 1.10.x
#2675 CAD: Add full support for For Statmenets jsten 1.10.x
#2676 CAD: Add full support for while statements jsten 1.10.x
#2678 Redefine FExp.prettyPrint_CAD() to something useful jsten 1.10.x
#2679 CAD: Handle zero derivative function declarations jsten 1.10.x
#2685 CAD, arrays and solved blocks fail jsten 1.10.x
#2686 CAD mixed variability records fail jsten 1.10.x
#2702 CAD, dynamic arrays fail jsten 1.10.x
#2707 CAD: Discrete outputs in function calls causes problems jsten 1.10.x
#2715 Add a jacobian block checker jsten 1.10.x
#2770 Fix local iterations for CAD jsten 1.10.x
#2841 Propagate error code from local loop iterations jsten
#2894 Bugs in JMI runtime when CAD Jacobians are used with local iterations Iakov Nakhimovski Pending
#2895 CAD generates block additions twice. jsten
#3102 CAD support for algorithms jsten Pending
#3367 CAD support for div() operator in functions jsten 1.12
#3430 Error in Test_ODE_JACOBIANS5.test_ode_simulation_distlib jsten Future
#4612 Unstable test Jacobian test. efredriksson 2.0.x
#4614 Crash in CAD when printing NoExp in function call left jsten 1.17.x
#4637 Incorrect code gen for nonscalar function input in CAD jsten 1.17.x
#4648 Incorrect code gen for composit function outputs in CAD jsten 1.17.x
#4739 Wrong directional derivatives Jesper Mattsson 2.0.x
#4982 Merge diff() and CAD code gen jsten Pending
#5170 Incorrect CAD-code for functions with string temporaries jsten 2.0.x
#5171 CAD code gen doesn't support models with dynamic states jsten 2.0.x
#5173 Incorrect CAD jacobian c-code for size operator jsten 2.0.x
#5174 Functional input arguments: CAD Jacobian Support amartensen 2.0.x
#5175 Incorrect code gen for expressions with initial variability jsten 2.0.x
#5188 Cleanup and merge CAD with C code gen jsten 2.0.x
#5191 Merge code gen for Statements jsten 2.0.x
#5192 Merge code gen for residual functions jsten 2.0.x
#5193 Merge codegen for equation genBlock and genResidual jsten 2.0.x
#5194 Merge code gen for expressions jsten 2.0.x
#5483 Merge code gen for function declarations and calls amartensen 2.2.x

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Fixed CAD generation for functions that have an derivative that equals to zero (no real inputs or outputs).

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Wops wrong ticket...

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Creating a new branch for work on directional derivatives

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