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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#42 Broken build system jakesson defect blocker General
#229 User startup scripts magnus enhancement blocker 1.0.x Python
#276 Importing optimica compiler module fails jens_rantil defect blocker 1.0.x Build
#284 Make problem in InstNameClassification.jrag jakesson defect blocker Modelica/FrontEnd
#292 Eclipse IDE plugin crash Jesper Mattsson defect blocker EclipseIDE
#324 Include license files in bindist jakesson defect blocker 1.0.x Build
#348 PySUNDIALS required to run tests Tove Bergdahl defect blocker 1.0b2 Python
#648 Compilation error introduced in r1309 Jesper Mattsson defect blocker 1.2.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#659 Divide by zeros jakesson defect blocker 1.2.x FMU/JMU runtime
#676 Compilation error introduced in r1341 defect blocker 1.2.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#761 Cannot compile Frontend defect blocker 1.2.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#880 Casting error in xmlparser defect blocker 1.3.x Python
#985 Error in evaluation of dependent parameters defect blocker 1.3.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#1097 Option to get variability from variable name Tove Bergdahl enhancement blocker 1.4.x Python
#1991 FMIL does not build on Linux/Mac, failed tests on Win32 after changeset:3436 defect blocker FMIL-1.0b1 FMILibrary
#4887 calling fmi2_import_free_instance on an fmi2_import_t may result in segfault vjohnsson defect blocker Future FMILibrary
#52 test_1_dae_F fails for VDP with CppAD jakesson defect critical Python
#54 Furuta pendulum test: jmi_dae_dF_n_nz(...) fails jakesson defect critical Python
#84 "xml" module name conflict Tove Bergdahl defect critical Python
#145 More robust compiler Jesper Mattsson defect critical EclipseIDE
#150 Editing of structured libraries Jesper Mattsson enhancement critical EclipseIDE
#155 Improve indentation support pnilsson enhancement critical EclipseIDE
#158 Connect files loaded as libraries to IFile objects Jesper Mattsson enhancement critical EclipseIDE
#164 Separate code with EPL to separate plugin Jesper Mattsson task critical EclipseIDE
#167 Make sure plugin runs on different platforms Jesper Mattsson task critical 1.0.x EclipseIDE
#168 Update Project Explorer on changes Jesper Mattsson defect critical EclipseIDE
#175 Code documentation Jesper Mattsson task critical EclipseIDE
#176 Update outline, etc. on changes to file without project Jesper Mattsson defect critical EclipseIDE
#180 _ctypes.FreeLibrary(...) does not exist jens_rantil defect critical Python
#182 Annotations fold while typing them Jesper Mattsson defect critical EclipseIDE
#202 Split feature Jesper Mattsson task critical EclipseIDE
#225 Problem with CSTR example jakesson defect critical 1.0.x Python
#263 Multiple shooting: Verify equality constraints gradient (dh) jens_rantil task critical Python
#352 Error in flattening of short class declarations with input prefix jakesson defect critical 1.0.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#359 Python properties are used the wrong way jens_rantil defect critical Python
#393 Recompilation of local file results in BadDefinition or empty SourceRoot pnilsson defect critical EclipseIDE
#421 Error in Python test suite due to caching of compiled models Christian Andersson defect critical 1.1.x Python
#693 Exception resulting from compilation of model Jesper Mattsson defect critical 1.2.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#818 Error in instantiation of array components containing equations Jesper Mattsson defect critical 1.3.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#822 Flattening of for loops in initial equations Jesper Mattsson defect critical 1.3.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#929 Bug in writing of result files: aliases jakesson defect critical 1.3.x Python
#951 Migration to Java 1.6 - problem with Mac OS X Leopard jakesson defect critical 1.4.x Build
#1091 Broken examples Tove Bergdahl defect critical 1.4.x Python
#1106 actualStream detected as discontinuous jakesson enhancement critical Modelica/FrontEnd
#1284 Seg fault in CppAD function init jakesson defect critical 1.5.0 FMU/JMU runtime
#1293 Java compilation error defect critical 1.5.0 Modelica/FrontEnd
#1462 Error in C code compilation of JMU Jesper Mattsson defect critical Modelica/FrontEnd
#1538 Front-end tests with erronous options are silently ignored Jesper Mattsson defect critical 1.6.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#1577 Error when getting an integer value from an FMU jakesson defect critical 1.6 Python/Simulation
#1736 Error in lookup - extends defect critical 1.7 Modelica/FrontEnd
#1935 Segfault in test suite on Mac defect critical 1.8.x CodeGen/C
#1940 Including FMIL setup in PyFMI setup jakesson task critical PyFMI-1.1 PyFMI
#2068 Graphical: Drive editor directly from AST jsten enhancement critical EclipseIDE
#2216 Link against static for Mac/Linux and shared for Windows in pyfmi Christian Andersson defect critical PyFMI-1.1 PyFMI
#2510 PrettyPrint of FExp during c-code generation fail if expression contain negation jsten defect critical 1.9b2 Modelica/MiddleEnd
#2537 Implement support for local event iteration Christian Andersson task critical 1.10.x FMU/JMU runtime
#3312 Update stopping criteria for Kinsol Christian Andersson task critical 1.13.x FMU/JMU runtime
#4280 FMIL crash/assert error for empty ModelStructure tag toivo defect critical FMIL-2.0.2 FMILibrary
#1 Implement name checking for flat expressions jakesson enhancement major Modelica/FrontEnd
#5 Introduce new test annotations jakesson enhancement major 1.9.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#6 Improve code documentation jakesson enhancement major Modelica/FrontEnd
#8 Add look-up of constants in packages jakesson enhancement major Modelica/FrontEnd
#9 Adapt the Optimica front-end to the updates in the JModelica front-end jakesson defect major Optimica/FrontEnd
#12 Set up the build system for the runtime system jakesson task major FMU/JMU runtime
#13 Variable scaling using the nominal attribute jakesson enhancement major 1.2.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#18 Parse expressions containing 'end' jakesson defect major 1.0.x Modelica/FrontEnd
#19 Options registry in frontend jakesson enhancement major Modelica/FrontEnd
#20 Representation of the DAE initialization system jakesson enhancement major FMU/JMU runtime
#21 Representation of dependent parameter equations jakesson enhancement major FMU/JMU runtime
#22 Improve build system for Runtime jakesson enhancement major FMU/JMU runtime
#27 Introduce an ODE interface jakesson defect major FMU/JMU runtime
#28 Add template for C code generation jakesson task major CodeGen/C
#29 Add code generation framework jakesson task major CodeGen
#30 Develop an API for the flat Modelica/Optimica representation jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
#31 Develop an evaluation framework jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
#32 Compile errors in FlatModelicaParser jakesson defect major Parser/FlatModelica
#33 Handling of Modelica constants jakesson enhancement major 1.0a1 Modelica/FrontEnd
#34 Add license information jakesson task major General
#35 Restructuring of repository jakesson task major General
#36 General build framework jakesson task major General
#41 INSTALL file fix jakesson defect major General
#45 Create Makefile template for compilation of shared object files jakesson task major FMU/JMU runtime
#46 Disable C++ name mangling (extern "C" {}) jakesson defect major FMU/JMU runtime
#48 C code generation back-end jakesson task major CodeGen/C
#49 Python integration with the FrontEnds Tove Bergdahl task major Python
#50 Organize third party libraries jakesson task major Build
#55 Update the Optimica frontend to be compatible with current Modelica frontend jakesson defect major Optimica/FrontEnd
#56 Building Modelica and Optimica front-ends jakesson task major Build
#58 Develop code generation for model meta data in XML Tove Bergdahl task major XML
#59 Create a Python-JMI interface Tove Bergdahl task major 1.0.x Python
#60 Set up a friendly Python environment jens_rantil task major Python
#62 Write tests for the Furuta pendulum jens_rantil task major Python
#63 JMI Python interface should use NumPy arrays jens_rantil defect major Python
#64 Introduce new AST types for flat variables jakesson enhancement major Modelica/FrontEnd
#65 Generate initial equations jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
#66 Solve initial system with IPOPT jakesson task major 1.0.x FMU/JMU runtime
#67 Extend the flat API to provide access to variable attributes jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
#68 Generate C code for the initial equations jakesson task major CodeGen/C
#69 Provide access to the valueReference of variable in FlatAPI jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
#70 Add public/protected prefix to FVariable jakesson task major Modelica/FrontEnd
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