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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#631 Equations for inputs assigned jsten defect major Pending
#1400 Implement support for ODE and output sections assigned jsten umbrella major Pending
#1497 Memory allocation in FMI/JMI runtime systems assigned Christian Andersson defect major Pending
#1500 Dummy derivative names in XML code generation assigned jsten defect major Pending
#1540 Adapt FMU C code generation to support output sections assigned Christian Andersson task major Pending
#1835 Dimension checks in FMI functions assigned Christian Andersson defect major Pending
#1990 Error in XML generation for free attribute assigned jsten defect major Pending
#2092 Problem with if equations conversion into if expression assigned jsten defect major Future
#2477 Consistent naming of function names and attributes in PyFMI new Christian Andersson defect major Future
#2497 Rescale block Jacobians after events assigned aramle task major Future
#2821 Add the FMI Library test FMUs to the FMU cross checking test suite assigned efredriksson defect major Pending
#2823 Merge the content of FMILibraryUtilities to the FMILibrary source tree assigned Iakov Nakhimovski task major Pending
#4145 Support for enumerations in the CasADiInterface new toivo enhancement major Future
#690 Check duplicate modification of elements assigned Jesper Mattsson defect minor Future
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