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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#4400 Evaluate and improve how an updated Newton direction affects solution and running time assigned aramle enhancement major Pending
#4681 Refactor check av Jacobian output legality new aramle task major Pending
#4700 Erroneous output when jmi_log_comment is used new aramle defect major
#4790 Symbolically determine max and min values new Jesper Mattsson enhancement major Pending
#5316 Handle different kinds of for loop constructions new Jesper Mattsson defect major
#5393 Introduce ChangeLog new Jesper Mattsson task major
#5525 Make new SDK generation run on Jenkins assigned aramle defect major
#5552 Segfault in Blas with O3 flag assigned aramle defect major
#5593 Fix erroneous logging messages assigned aramle defect major 2.3.x
#5680 Fix Error tests and similar on Linux new Jesper Mattsson defect major
#5693 Make it possible to build modules like FMIL, Blas, Lapack etc standalone assigned aramle task major
#5767 Patch MSL with DynamicSelect fixes assigned aramle enhancement major
#5790 Fix javdoc not builta assigned aramle defect major
#5839 Compile error for ds with generate_html_diagnostics assigned aramle defect major
#5853 Support for MSL 3.2.3 new Jesper Mattsson task major
#5859 Build Assimimulo with Intel Fortran assigned aramle task major
#5877 Create docker image with Python 3 assigned aramle task major
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